Think Ahead Keeps You on Your Toes: One of the Best iPhone Games

There are so many great new iPhone games and iPhone apps that take advantage of the cutting edge technology incorporated into the new iPhones. One of the best games is Think Ahead. Think Ahead was developed and modified specifically for the current generation of iPhones. In the field of iPhone apps, it is one of the most downloaded programs. The reason is clear: it is a challenging, a fun game that compliments the iPhone features.

iPhone Games like ThinkAhead are Easy to Learn

The premise of most iPhone games like Think Ahead is clear. In ThinkAhead, you are playing against your iPhone. You are shown a grid of numbers. You must take turns with the phone removing numbers and getting the points assigned to the numbers you remove. You are allowed to remove horizontal numbers in one row. The iPhone removes numbers from a vertical column. When there are no moves left, the game is over.

Think Ahead - Like Other iPhone apps - Benefits from Strategy

You don't need a complicated strategy to win at Think Ahead. But like in most iPhone apps, you have to know what you are doing. Most of the time, you chose the highest point value in your move. But remember, where you move determines where the iPhone can move. So sometimes, you should deliberately choose a lower number if that will set up the iPhone with no good moves. If either one of you has to pick a number of your opponents color, then you lose the same amount of points that you would have gained. If you choose wisely, you can leave the iPhone with no alternative than to pick negative points.

If You Don't Think Ahead - Your iPhone Will

It has been said that the iPhone is one of the most advanced personal communication devices on the market. But, the phone is only as good as the iPhone apps and the iPhone games that you choose. By downloading and playing iPhone apps like Think Ahead, you are really utilizing your phone to the fullest potential. Just a few times playing on the device will convince you that games like Think Ahead are really killer iPhone apps.