Texas Tea

It's time for a matching game that adds a bit more variety to the iPhone casino world - and Texas Tea is just that game. This is one of the iPhone casino games that you won't want to miss. Sure, the iPhone app world seems to be saturated with matching games - but Texas Tea takes the idea of the matching game and adds a great deal to the formula for iPhone casino games. Here's how.

Texas Tea: A Great Recipe

With Texas Tea, one of the great iPhone casino games, you need to find matching sets of dice. SnakeHead Software, however, has come up with a great twist on this regular idea with Texas Tea. You can play Texas Tea in a traditional way, like a matching game where you match identical dice in a straight line either up or down. But to get even more from Texas Tea at the iPhone casino, you can increase your score by looking for poker hands within the dice.

New iPhone Casino Fun

How this works with Texas Tea is as follows. One pair of matching dice is the most basic win, while two is next, etc. You can then look for matching dice in a full house, a straight, four of a kind, and even a straight flush. When you look for these matches with Texas Tea, it adds another fun layer of play to the game and even more interest.

Texas Tea Theme

To create the Texas theme in this version of the iPhone casino games, Texas Tea is laid out as a road trip map. You go from El Paso to Austin, progressing to different levels with the game boards. There are also areas that are blocked off to increase your need for skill and the challenges. You actually have to try to complete the game board from green to black in a certain amount of time.

iPhone Casino Games

Texas Tea is certainly a very interesting matching game and one that anyone will enjoy playing. In order to begin, you simply go to the iPhone casino of your choice and see all of the iPhone casino games. Select Texas Tea from the list, read the directions and get a feel for the game - and then get playing. This is a recipe for success with a great iPhone casino game!