Sudoku is Perfect for the iPhone

The iPhone represents a revolution is personal computing devices. While it's primary purpose is as a telecommunications tool, it is so much more. IPhone incorporate Internet, Mp3, video, and of course game iPhone apps. It is in the iPhone games filed that there is the most competition. Interestingly enough, the game that is becoming the most popular is the classic Asian mind game of Sudoku. A recent survey of iPhone apps listed Sudoku as one of the best.

iPhone Games Must Be User-Friendly like Sudoku

What makes Sudoku stand out as one of the best iPhone apps is that it is both easy to learn and challenging to play. To many games are the reverse. They are so complicated that it is a challenge just to learn the rules. After you start playing you find the game is to easy and you stop playing. Sudoku is different. Not only is the game fun, but it has now been specifically designed to work with the unique technology of the iPhone. Many iPhone games are not as well suited.

The Popularity of Sudoku

While people in Asia have been playing Sudoku for ages, it has only caught on in the West in the last decade. Now, every airline magazine has a Sudoku section. That's because time flies by when you are playing Sudoku. It is the idle game to play when you are forced to sit around for a long time - such as during an airline flight. It keeps the brain active while the body is stuck in one place. The only problem is that once you become adept at Sudoku, you need to keep finding more games and disposing of them when you are done. Sudoku as an iPhone game changes all that. Now you can play literally millions of Sudoku games from one little iPhone.

How To Play Sudoku

You are given a grid of boxes in Sudoku. Some boxes have numbers, others are left blank. You have to fill in a number in each blank box so that every row and every column will have the same numbers. Only one of each number in a sequence may be placed in each row and column. So you must check all possibilities before filling in an empty box.

Strategy for Sudoku iPhone Apps

The best strategy for playing Sudoku on your iPhone is the same strategy that you would use for playing Sudoku on paper. Start with easier boxes that contain less numbers until you get the system down. Even if it is not apparent which number should go in a blank box, see what numbers you can eliminate. You will see that the more you do this, the more only one number for each square will emerge as the right one. When you are playing as an iPhone game, the great thing is that when you are done, just switch the game off and slip the iPhone in your pocket. Who would have every thought such a small item could have so many uses?