The iPhone Royal Derby - Horses in Your iPhone!

Can you fit a horse into your iPhone? With the new and exciting iPhone Royal Derby game you can fit an entire stable of horses into your iPhone. Everyone knows that iPhone casino games are one of the leading forms of entertainment. The iPhone casino games make use of the incredible combination of the amazing graphics capabilities of the iPhone devices coupled with the handy mobility offered by the iPhones. This combination has served the iPhone casino games well and they are enjoying an ever growing popularity. One of the latest iPhone casino games to become available is the iPhone Royal Derby game. At this iPhone casino game you get to participate in the most real simulation of horse racing that has ever been seen. Thus, the options available at the iPhone Royal Derby game are far more than simply choosing your horse and seeing who wins (like some other games are constructed). At the iPhone Royal Derby game, you can read information about the track disposition, the weather and even different strengths and weaknesses of the various iPhone Royal Derby horses on which you can bet. Thus, for horse racing buffs, the iPhone Royal Derby is easily the closest thing to the real thing, making this iPhone casino game perfect for people who would love to spend a day at the races but are currently waiting on line at the supermarket or waiting for their dentist appointment instead. With the iPhone Royal Derby on their iPhone they can now enjoy horse racing whenever they feel like it.

Playing iPhone Royal Derby

At the iPhone casino game known as iPhone Royal Derby, you can actually place one of two bets. The first bet is a flat payout for if your horse wins. The second bet offers a full payout but lands you a slight payout even if your favorite iPhone Royal Derby horse comes in second place. The first bet is called: "To Win" and the second bet is called "Each Way". Of course, at iPhone Royal Derby, as in most other iPhone casino game applications, you can wager variable sums of money so that you can choose how much you want to invest on every wager at this iPhone casino game. This iPhone casino game is designed such that you can bet on more than one horse at a time thus hedging your bets. The iPhone Royal Derby races held on your device are randomly determined and take into account the various parameters that you can learn about when reading about the various horses. Of course, the odds offered for each horse take into account the various parameters listed so that the horse best suited for the race is still most likely to win and will be offered the least profitable odds. Nonetheless, the random element of this iPhone casino game runs strong and so even the least likely horse might still win (and you with it if you happen to guess right!). Since the iPhone Royal Derby is essentially a horse race, this iPhone casino game would not be complete without the opportunity to watch the iPhone Royal Derby race and cheer on your favorite horse. The iPhone Royal Derby race begins as soon as you push the "Race" button. The parameters are calculated at every moment so that you can see all sorts of exciting achievements of the various contestants like feats of astounding overtaking and similar amazing performances. This is one iPhone casino game that all iPhone gamers should try. It is more fun than you could possibly imagine and you will certainly come back for more fun iPhone Royal Derby!