Native American tradition relates that, by interpreting your dreams correctly, you have the opportunity to reap significant rewards. This was never more true than when you play Mystic Dreams for iPhone where you can enjoy all of the benefits of iPhone gaming while experiencing the mystical world of Native American  culture.

Mystic Dreams is one of the new, popular iPhone games that enables iPhone users to play casino games right on their iPhone screen. The games portal iPhone displays the games in rich, brilliant colours and enticing graphics that makes playing mobile slots at the iPhone Casino an entertaining and rewarding adventure of fun and excitement.

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To play the Mystic Dreams for iPhone slots, simply open the casino's URL on your iPhone browser and navigate to the games lobby. You'll find dozens of slots casino game options at the iPhone casino including both three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots. Select Mystic Dreams in the "Video Slots" area and choose your Game Mode – you can play for free in the "Free Mode" if you want to practice the game or you can play for real money prizes in the "Real Mode." Make your opening deposit and prepare for the sweetest and most lucrative dreams imaginable.

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Mystic Dreams for Mobile is a 5-reel, 150 coin slot machine with two hundred and forty three pay ways. You can bet up to five coins on each spin as 243 winning combination possibilities come into play on every spin. The 243 Ways to Win feature is a popular casino slots feature which gives you the option to play a more rewarding slots machine in which all of pay way options are permanently enabled on every spin. If your spin results in 3 symbols which emerge on consecutive reels, regardless of whether the symbols appear on the top, middle or bottom of the reel, you've won the payout. All in all, each winning spin includes a bet multiplier of 30x.  

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The Mystic Dreams slots is an adventure-themed slot machine in which players explore Native American tradition which centres around the concept that your dreams can answer your questions about life. With each spin you'll see Native American-themed symbols, including a tribal chief, a totem pole, a teepee, a lamb, a wolf, an eagle and customary slots letters and numbers.

The Mystic Dreams Logo symbol is the game's Wild which substitutes for any other symbol, including the scatter symbol, to create completed pay ways. Regardless of whether or not the Mystic Dreams Logo emerges on the reels, you'll be able to complete multiple winning combinations on any one pay way. If more than one winning combination occurs for different symbols on a pay way, you'll receive a payout for each combination, ensuring that your Mystic Dreams experience is one of the most lucrative slot events at the casino. If the same symbol is included in more than one winning combination on a pay way, you receive the payout value of the highest combination.

The game's scatter is the Totem pole. The totem pole symbol completes winning scatter combinations whenever three or more scatters emerge simultaneously across the reels.

Both regular and scatter winning combinations pay out left-to-right when at least one of the symbols is displayed on the first slot machine reel. Scatter payouts are calculated when you multiply the scatter symbols combination payout by the total number of regular coins that you've bet. Scatter wins are added to regular wins for a mega win total.

In Mystic Dreams for Mobile, both regular and scatter wins earn you a payout if they emerge on the reels concurrently.

iPhone Casino Free Spins

If you spin, and you achieve both a scatter win and a regular win, you'll receive payouts for both wins since the scatter symbol does not need to appear on a pay way in order to win. If 3 or more Scatter Totem Pole symbols emerge in a left-to-right pattern on side-by-side reels, with the first symbol appearing on the first reel, the Free Spins Bonus Game will launch.

The Mystic Dreams Free Spins awards you up to 20 free spins.

Throughout the Free Spins game the Mystic Dreams Logo acts as a Wild, multiplier symbol. Multiplier value vary:

  1. One wild which completes a substitute win on the second reel awards you a double multiplier value.
  2. One wild symbol which completes a substitute win on the third reel awards you a triple multiplier value.
  3. One wild symbol which completes a substitute win on the forth reel awards a quadruple multiplier value.
  4. If two or more wild symbols complete a substitution win for the same symbol combination, you win a combination payout determined by the multiplier values. These multiplier values are multiplied so, a winning combination with a wild symbol on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels awards you a 24x multiplier value.
  5. All free spin bets and pay ways are identical to the spin that activated the free spins game.
  6. Free spins can be re-triggered during the bonus game.
  7. Your winnings for your Free Spins wins are paid out at the end of the Free Spins game.