Play Jacks or Better on Your iPhone Today

If you love video poker, then chances are you probably get the urge to play a few hands whenever you have some down time, like when you're on the beach or riding the train home from work. In the old days, you couldn't play at those times because you needed a computer to play video poker. But now, with the advent of iPhone casino games, you can play Jacks or Better whenever you want without a computer. Best of all, you don't even need to download any video poker apps to your phone if you don't want to. You can play through the phone's browser at many online casino sites. You can play iPhone casino games for real money virtually any time since the phone is always connected to the Internet through 3G technology.

Video Poker for Beginners and Experts

Jacks or Better is a first-rate video poker game that fits perfectly on the small screen of the mobile phone. It is easy to learn and easy to play, even if you have no experience with video poker games. The objective is to form the best hand you can with the five cards you are dealt. After you receive your cards, you can choose which you want to hold and which you want to discard. The discarded ones will be replaced so that you still have five cards. Remember, the only hands that win are Jacks or higher, and even a pair of Jacks gets a payout. Of course, the better the hand, according to poker rules, the better the payout. A maximum bet of five coins on a Royal Flush will earn you an 800-1 payout, which a bet of four coins on the same hand will get you only 250-1, so it pays to bet the maximum.

iPhone Casino Games Put the Action in Your Hands

One of the benefits of iPhone casino games like Jacks or Better is that they are available whenever you want them. Since most people keep their iPhones within reach most of the time, that means that a full array of iPhone casino games is also within reach most of the time. Mobile games range from slots to video poker, and even include versions of instant win scratch cards and horse racing. You can probably find what you want at the iPhone casino, so give it a try. It could make that train ride home more fun and more profitable.