Using Citadel is Just like Writing a Check

Citadel for many years has been one of the best online casino banking options for players from the US and Canada and now it can be used at your iPhone casino too. The beauty of Citadel for US and Canadian players is that when using Citadel, it is just like writing a check. Once you have activated a Citadel account through your online banking tab in the casino of your choice you can simply click on deposit and select the amount that you want to transfer to the casino and within minutes the transfer is complete. The money is taken directly from your bank account and it leaves you with a clear head to concentrate on the actual games that you want to play and not concern yourself with the cash transactions and worry about security and fraud.

Using Citadel for your iPhone Casino

Using Citadel for your iPhone casino works in exactly the same way as when you choose it as your banking option at an online casino. It is quick, safe and secure and of course fraud free. All transactions are encrypted leaving you worry free to enjoy all of the benefits of the iPhone casino. Recently Citadel has added a debit card facility which allows you to add money to the debit card which you can then use through the banking section of your iPhone casino or online casino. This is another advantage that offers you excellent convenience and the chance to withdraw all of your winnings back to your debit card and hold there for further games or to spend at other websites that accept Citadel.

Citadel Banking Support in Addition to iPhone Casino Support

In addition to the iPhone casino support that you automatically receive when playing at an online casino, Citadel also offers banking support of its own which is available around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you can't get through to the iPhone casino support or you want to ask a more specific banking question it is nice to know that you also have the Citadel support to turn to. Using Citadel for your iPhone casino banking deposits is a smart move, it is quick, convenient, cheap and totally encrypted and on top of everything you can see immediate balances in your own bank account in order to track what you spend, in other words there is full control when using Citadel.