BurgerTime Deluxe

It's time to ignore what your mom always said about playing with your food and get ready to have fun playing with BurgerTime Deluxe. This new iPhone game is a modern version of the arcade game that hit the scene in 1982. In the iPhone game version you are still Chef Peter Pepper. Your job is to outrun your enemies which include the hotdog, pickle, egg, onion and carrot, among others. While you are trying to outrun these pesky foods in BurgerTime Deluxe, your job is to build hamburgers of all types by running over and then collapsing each piece of the burger on various levels.

More about BurgerTime Deluxe

While the game sounds a bit complicated, the iPhone game version is really quite cute and clever. You climb up the ladders that are provided to reach each piece of the burger, trying to stay away from the slippery butter, the lights, and the other ingredients coming for you. Try to get the pepper in this iPhone game so that you can stun your enemy for a short while! You can then work on killing the bad guys by making tomatoes, bread and other objects fall on them. This will give you even more points.

Rules and Scoring for BurgerTime Deluxe

You can get bonus points along the way with BurgerTime Deluxe as follows. The potato chips will give you 250 points, while the ice cream cone gives 500 points. A cup of coffee is 1000 points and a cup of tea is worth 1250. French fries, those lovely additions to the perfect burger, offer you an extra life in this iPhone game. You can really rack up the points by letting falling ingredients squash your enemies. One great way to do this is to stand on the far edge of a piece of food and then wait until your enemy approaches. Drop him once he gets onto the food! It's also a good idea in BurgerTime Deluxe to start at the top level and let the falling pieces of food bump down the ones below. This way the food will do your job for you!

More Details about BurgerTime Deluxe

In BurgerTime Deluxe, you'll find over 60 levels and many minigames. This game has an adorable theme and will keep you entertained for a long while, just as the original arcade game did long ago. See if you can get close to the world record high school using the iPhone game. The highest score in the arcade was 11,512,500 points. Get your appetite ready and have fun playing this terrific new iPhone game today!